Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Evolving the Television vs. Internet Mindset

The other day I met with a new client to share my thoughts on how they should address young Hispanic women. As we spoke about this Latina's relationship with their beauty product category, I shared a list of prioritized media channels where they could reach her during each phase of the purchase-decision process. Despite this approach, the client insisted we choose between television or internet given their limited resources.

My answer: do both, or don't do either.

More and more data points to the fact that television and internet concurrent usage builds "engagement" with the audience. It allows the brand to associate with relevant content, and then begin an interactive dialogue with the audience online. While TV is great at building familiarity with a massive audience, online is where she shares her opinions on this content. Online also is the key place where she is researching and comparing product benefits and costs.

In this specific case, if the client were to only do one of these channels instead of the other, it would be difficult to see the sales movement they expect. It's not to say that it's always required to do both TV and Internet to reach Hispanic women - that's preposterous and totally dependent on the objectives and the specific target. But we in the Hispanic market also tend to forget that there are other channels in our tool box for reaching Hispanic audiences outside of television. Also, internet is not replacing TV either - the channels fill different needs in our consumer's lives.

It is important to remember that during these tough economic times, that cutting corners in marketing doesn't always pay off.

As mom always says, do your best or don't do anything at all.

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