Sunday, March 29, 2009

Latino Instant Communication

Data on Hispanic online behavior can hardly keep up with the lightning speed of changes occurring in the ways we use these technologies. One area where we over-index is in communication tools like instant messenger. With family and friends spread across the street to across the globe, we use these tools to stay connected.

Yet top instant messenger MSN is starting to see a decline in Hispanic usage. The culprit, Facebook instant messenger, where a lot of Hispanics are spending their time these days. But Facebook has some competition. A popular feature, the "status update," is already being replaced by Twitter, a service with huge popularity in urban areas.

While Twitter is enjoying growth, its' time may pass before it finds a way to earn revenue. Hispanics are going threw the web at warp speed, Twitter and Facebook need not hold back on the accelerator to keep up.


  1. So are you saying that Latino usage of some of these tools is different than Anglo use, or does it parallel it? If it differs, what do you think some of the reasons could be?

  2. Thanks for the note! Hispanic usage of these communication technologies is more frequent than the general market. The reason: we tend to have a wider net of persons with whom we correspond both in the US and in our countries of origin.