Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Future of Digital Strategists

In this job climate, there are few employment opportunities available in advertising. In fact, most agencies are laying people off. Yet, a quick perusal of recruitment sites like Monster and Careerbuilder revealed that there are digital strategist opportunities available. I started thinking, in today's climate, shouldn't we all be digital strategists?

Ten years ago when digital marketing hit critical mass, digital strategists were essential. There was a major learning curve to understand the new marketing technologies. But as time progressed, the silos continued. Today, most clients are shifting resources to the web and mobile. But, in order to make that assessment, client's need to evaluate concurrent media usage of offline and digital channels - together.

If you don't understand all channels, then you are missing an opportunity to connect with consumers the way they are experiencing media - seamlessly. Consumers follow content - the channels they choose to gain access to that content is secondary.

While I do believe there is a role for specialists, the reality of the matter is that if we aren't all well versed in digital, than we aren't doing our job as marketers.

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