Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Voodoo that You Do

My co-worker keeps talking about this company called Voodoo Box. They are a media company that allows advertisers to place audio recordings on phone card servers. In essence, they offer immigrants (mostly Latino and Asian) discounted phone cards at retail stores in exchanged for them listening to an advertiser's pitch.

This seems like an obnoxious way to reach unacculturated Hispanic and Asian immigrants. I would assume that they don't take kindly to this type of interruptive messaging. Well, apparently I'm wrong.

We've tested it with a couple of clients, including Greyhound, and it's performed much stronger than most online campaigns. In fact, redemptions for the offers that we've included have been rather significant.

Who knew that Voodoo that we do could lead to the hearts of so many Latinos and Asians?

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