Monday, February 23, 2009

Going Where No Google Has Gone Before

I just read a fascinating article about the deep web, i.e. the trillions of pages that lie undiscovered by Google in vast databases far and wide.

Google just celebrated its trillionth page "crawl," the process it uses to discern the content on web pages it then serves up as a potential solution to your Google query. Yet, even with a trillion pages, there are still trillions more that are "too deep" to be factored.

Ever wonder why Google can't give you comparative rates for a flight to Denver? Or why its Froogle software only gives you a few retailer options out of the hundreds (or thousands) that likely carry that item? It's the deep web...the places where Google has yet to "spider."

This brought me back to the original intention of the web to democratize communication. If everyone has the opportunity to use the channel to communicate, then Google is the tool that either gives you a massive audience or leaves you to fend for yourself. It's like having a publicist or doing your own publicity. The latter is likely going to be a much harder job. So then, democracy goes out the door when someone can get a massive audience via Google, instead of a lonely website with a few dozen followers (like yours truly and his blog.)

Sure there is search engine optimization - to help you improve the likelyhood that Google will read your site and put you up in the rankings. But, there remain the millions of blogs and other content that remain relatively unknown. Will there ever be a Google powerful enough to go where no search engine has gone before?

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