Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pirates of the Telenovela

I just read an Ad Age article about how Univision is the #1 pirated network on YouTube according to a survey conducted by TubeMogul. In fact, with over 583.7 million views compared to the next closest network, Fox at 289 million views, Univision has a major content piracy problem on YouTube.

But this is really no surprise given that Univision and it's Mexican content supplier, Televisa, have been battling for years to clarify who gets U.S. digital distribution rights. This is a very lucrative opportunity that both are missing out on. To date, neither nor Televisa's have been able to showcase any telenovela video content to U.S. Hispanics.

A judge is expected to decide in March who gets the rights to stream video content on both the web and mobile. Until then, the pirates of telenovelas can continue to enjoy their YouTube fare.

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